Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer Sewing

My family and I are off on a holiday to Italy soon and my Little Miss has been in need of a few summery bits for her wardrobe. Every now and then I have to justify my ever growing hoard of fabrics by making a few things up to keep my husband happy so we had a dig around and picked out a few fabrics to make up some summer clothes. I adore the illustrations of the artist Heather Ross and happily for me she also prints these illustrations on fabric:))) These shorts were made from a pattern in Heather Ross's book Weekend Sewing; the Huck Finn Pants pattern. I shortened the length and added a turn up made from a pink polka dot quilting cotton, they came together really easily in just under an hour. They look so sweet on, there is something so precious about those chubby little knees peeping out from beneath big baggy shorts. Best of all I have a gorgeous model who was more then happy to pose for a few pictures wearing the new addition to her wardrobe, this is her new obsession, every five minutes shge wants to be lifted up onto the window ledge,  sometimes to watch the people walking by, sometimes trying to destroy the butterfly mobile I made for her, but most of all being sat snuggly wedged between all of her stuffed toys that have been carefully sat along the ledge just letting her legs dangle, and daring herself to make the leap back into her cot. She is such a dare devil. And a poser....I have no idea where she gets THAT from....!

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