Monday, 13 February 2012

Done and dusted.

Saturday was my first workshop. Naturally I wanted everything to be perfect; for me to be confident, capable and cool: the atmosphere to be light hearted and fun, and for everyone to be as hooked on Stampin' Up! as I am. Well I'm pleased to say I can tick most of those off of the list, apart from the confident and cool bit... that's going to take a bit of work. My hands were shaking so much one of my guests even said "what are you so nervous about? Its only us!" and she was right. I was surrounded by friends and family, who just wanted me to do well. They enjoyed my demonstration and loved getting a chance to play with all the inks and stamps to make their own valentines cards. The best bit was that all of them wanted to book a workshop AND I signed up my first recruit :))) So that's the hard bit over with. Onwards and upwards and hopefully my hands won't shake so much next time!


  1. So happy to hear that your workshop went well! Excellent job with the blog too :).