Monday, 29 October 2012

A Quilt For My Sweet One.

A quick change of direction. I thought I'd share the quilt I made for Little Miss, I'm sure it will be the first of many, but this was supposed to be her first Christmas present. I finished it some time in June... 6 months later then planned, but hey! Life happens:) I made it almost entirely out of my treasured Heather Ross Far Far Away, cotton double gauze which is just the softest fabric you can imagine. The pattern, is a free download from the Amy Butler website which I have had sitting around for while, I just knew it would suit this fabric line. The fairy tale fabric is just so perfect for my little girl and my favourite part is the Princess and the Pea print that I used for the border. It took some fussy cutting but was so worth the extra time and effort.The borders and binding are in Kona Solid Cerise, I'd Ummmmd and Ahhhhhd about using just double gauze for the whole quilt and was going to do the borders in a purple flower print from the Far Far Away line but opted for the Kona as I felt it added some solidity to the delicate surrounding fabric. I took these pics while we were in Italy, such a beautiful inspiring location even with such a reluctant model. I wish I was still there!  I hope this quilt snuggles my little one and keeps her warm for years to come.
Yes the back is upside down but you get the idea :)

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